The Volkl Kendo 88 really stood out as one of the more fun, playful and turny All Mountain/Freeride skis in its category of narrower waisted all mountain skis designed specifically for the frontside.  A ski that needs to be skied to be fully understood and appreciated, the Kendo 88’s greatest strength is in its ability to deliver a truly wide variety of short turn shapes in fairly broad range of conditions and terrain.  It’s a solid, stable ski that when pressed responds with great energy and snap! The ski is an incredibly precise tool that will definitely “turn on a dime, and prefers hard pack and groomers.  

Due to the geometry of the skis “Tailored Carbon Tip” which graduates in size as the ski gets longer, the longer the ski the better the float potential on softer deeper days inside the ropes. To be clear this is not a ski that is designed to be taken out on powder days.  Two other innovations can be found.  In addition to the tailored carbon tip there are two other updates to the Volkl Kendo 2023/24.

The Tailored Titanal Frame in the skis mid-section is also specific to ski length.  The width of the upper titanal belt is adjusted which effects torsional rigidity and the skis dampness.  It essentially means that the shorter the ski the less input necessary to maximize the skis responsiveness.

The third fresh technological update with this latest iteration of the Kendo 88 is found in reducing the skis center radius.  Shortening the radius improves the skis versatility in the skis tight turning range and the amount of energy needed to drive the ski.

Best Use: In bounds all-mountain ripping and short radius turns
Sizes:  163, 170, 177 & 184
Sidecut dimensions: 129 – 88 – 113 in in all lengths
Turn Radius: 163 – 13 M Waist Radius (WR), 170 – 15 M WR, 177 – 16 M WR & 184 – 17 M WR