Nordic Rentals

Nordic, otherwise known as cross country skiing, is a fun, affordable and healthy way to get out and get some fresh air when the winter rains in Portland get you down. Grab some of our rental cross country ski gear, from backcountry touring to high performance cross country demos and head for the hills to soak in the crisp winter landscape.

Skate Skiing
If you’re a runner during spring and summer, or an aerobic mountain athlete, Skate Skiing will be a excellent way to test your conditioning and round out your training sessions. Don’t let the skinny skis or lightweight gear fool you... this is one of winter’s most engaging activities!

Roller Skiing
Not ready for winter to end? Want to keep your Nordic legs fresh throughout the summer? Roller skiing will allow you to continue your training and conditioning during the dry seasons! With plenty of intermediate to advanced terrain in the Portland area, it is easy for everyone to get onto some roller skis and enjoy a great workout. Start out at Marine Drive and work your way up to tackling Mt Tabor.

For Nordic Reservations

Item / Package
2 Nights
Additional Nights
30 Day
Kid's Classic Package(Skis, boots and poles) $20 $8 $79
Kid's Skate Package (Skis, boots, and poles) $25 $10 $79
Kid's Nordic Lease Package (Skate and Classic Skis) $n/a $n/a $n/a
Kid's Touring Skis (compatible with NNN boots) $12 $5 $39
Kid's Skate Skis $14 $6 $49
Kid's Boots (compatible with NNN bindings) $12 $5 $39
Kid's XC Poles $7 $3 $39
Kinder Shuttle $25 $5 $n/a
Basic Classic Package (Skis, boots and poles) $30 $10 $129
Performance Classic Package (Skis, boots and poles) $40 $15 $129
Backcountry Package (Skis, boots, and poles) $35 $15 $139
Skate Package (Skis, boots and poles) $40 $15 $129
Roller Ski Package (Skis, boots and poles) $35 $10 $109
Classic Touring Skis (compatible with BC NNN boots) $15 $5 $69
Performance Classic Skis (Fischer Twin Skin X-Lite - compatible with NNN boots) $25 $7 $99
Backcountry Skis (compatible with BC NNN boots) $25 $7 $89
Skate Skis (compatible with NNN boots) $25 $7 $99
Roller Skis (Compatible with NNN boots) $20 $7 $69
Touring Boots (Compatible with BC NNN bindings) $15 $5 n/a
Performance Classic Boots (compatible with NNN bindings) $25 $7 n/a
Backcountry Boots (compatible with BC NNN bindings) $20 $7 n/a
Skate Boots (compatible with NNN bindings) $25 $7 n/a
XC Poles $7 $3 $39
Touring Poles(adjustable 2 section poles) $9 $3 $49
Performance/Skate Poles $7 $3 $39