Try before you buy Rentals

Try before you buy
At the Mountain Shop, you can rent gear to see what you like. Once you've rented, you can apply some of the cost of that rental to purchase! Here are a few guidelines for our try before you buy program. 

- 2 standard (2 night) rentals, at a maximum of $100, can be applied to the purchase of an equivalent new item. 
- For example, an AT demo package is $90 for 2 nights. This breaks down as $70 for skis and bindings and $20 for boots. If you rent this package twice, you can apply up to $100 to the purchase of a ski. Alternatively, you can apply $40 to the purchase of boots. 
- Another example is renting snowshoes. A standard snowshoe rental is $10, so if you rent snowshoes twice up to $20 could be applied to the purchase of a new item at the Mountain Shop. 
- 30 day rentals and season leases are not standard rentals. For example, a 30 day nordic ski package rental is $99. A standard nordic ski package rental is $25. Therefore, $50 (2 standard rentals) of the 30 day rental price can be applied to purchase. 
- This is exclusive of any other discount (e.g. Mazamas). 
- Rental credit must be applied to purchase within one year of rental. 

If you have any questions, please ask the rental staff!


Try before you buy Rental Pricing