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Lease FAQ

Lease FAQ
Why should I lease gear?
Getting in on a season lease will get you out on the mountain without having to invest in new gear. It's perfect for kids that may outgrow their setup after a season, it will let you skip the lines that can accumulate to rent and return gear, and it will free you up to adventure whenever you like without having to worry about the shop hours to pick up or return your things.
When does the season lease program start and end?
All season leases are available starting September 1st, and due back on May 1st.
How much does the season lease cost?
The cost will vary based on the gear being rented, but all lease packages are 10% off for the entire month of September!
Do you do any discounts on season lease equipment?
We do not offer any discounts on season lease gear. However, all lease equipment is 10% off in September, so come in early and get your gear!
What if my child outgrows their gear partway through the season?
Bring them back in and we can swap out for a bigger size at no extra cost!
Do you run out of lease gear?
We have the most extensive lease fleet in Portland, and have added lease gear for this season. However, in the past we have run out of sizes by November. For items like AT skis or adult cross country skis, we generally run out of stock faster. We'd encourage everyone to come before the snow flies to make sure you can get something!
Are reservations available for lease packages?
Lease packages are all first come, first serve.
Do you offer any special retail discounts if I lease gear?
Yes! If you rent skis for the season, we are offering 10% off the purchase of any ski boot. This includes previous season sale boots, so there are some great deals out there! We are also offering 10% off helmets, goggles and poles for lease customers (supplies may be limited). These deals are only valid in September and October, so come in early to get your deals! (Lease equipment is only discounted in September).
My skis need to be waxed during the season. Are there any options for me?
Absolutely! We will offer $5 waxes on any lease ski/snowboard throughout the season. We will try to keep turnaround times low for this service, but you may need to wait for a wax during our busiest times of the year.
Have any more questions?
Feel free to give us a call at (503) 288-6768
How do you determine if someone is adult or junior pricing?
The adult or junior pricing is determined entirely by what size they fit into. If they will be using junior equipment for the season, they will be charged the junior price. If they have outgrown the junior equipment, and use adult gear, they will be charged the adult price.