Quick and Dirty:

  • Dynafit Blacklight Pro Touring Skis
  • 985g (172 cm length)
  • A sub 1000 gram ski great for as much vert as you can handle and steep skiing. 
  • $599 - $999 with ATK Haute Route 10
  • Pros: Lightweight but punches above its weight on the ski down, nimble on steep, icy terrain, the perfect mountaineering specific ski
  • Cons: a very stiff, unforgiving ski, challenging in deeper or more consolidated snow, pin skin system is too finicky for the weight savings it offers


When I first skied the Dynafit Blacklight Pro, I knew I’d found the perfect ski for me. 90% of my ski days take place in the early hour mornings before work, and I’m typically looking to get as much vert as possible before I have to head to the shop. The sub 1000 gram Blacklight Pro flies on the uphill as it outweighs skimo race skis by a couple hundred grams. It’s a very stiff ski that is responsive and nimble in icy terrain, so it’s great for mountaineering, or quite frankly most winter backcountry days we have on Mount Hood. At 80mm underfoot, but 112mm wide in the shovel it can handle more terrain than most skis in its weight class. It excels for spring mountaineering  . It requires a lot more effort on the downhill than a heavier ski, but that’s why you do hill repeats all summer right? This ski isn’t for everyone, but if you like to go light and fast, rack up a ton of vert, or own too much spandex, this is the ski for you. 

Who it’s for:

  • Endurance athletes looking for ski that performs better than a skimo ski
  • New parents who’ve gained a little bit of weight and so want a lighter ski to make the up hill more fun
  • Ambitious mountaineers

Product to pair with it: