Trying out alpine touring this year? The Mount Hood resorts have guidelines for traveling uphill in and around their resorts. We've compiled them all in one place to make it easy for you to know the guidelines for each resort. Please follow their rules listed below when recreating in and around their ski areas!

Mount Hood Meadows: At Meadows, uphill travel is restricted to out-of-bounds only. This includes the south boundary of the resort towards White River and the Heather Canyon runout for access to Newton Canyon. Travel downhill is permitted only in open terrain after lifts start spinning. Any downhill travel outside of resort hours or through closed terrain within the resort boundaries is strictly prohibited due to grooming, harvesting, avalanche reduction operations, and other resort maintenance that is not looking for skiers in closed terrain!

Ski Bowl: Ski Bowl allows uphill travel from theWest Side Base Area up the designated marked route only.  Uphill travel is also permitted from the East Side Base Area on and around Cascade (green chair) runs only. Uphill travel may be restricted at any time from either base area. Always follow Skibowl’s Uphill Travel Policies and posted signage!

Timberline: Timberline added great signage that covers what is and is not permitted around the resort. These guidelines are for climbers and skiers traveling up the mountain! Timberline requeststhat uphill and downhill travelers stay off the maintained runs. Click HERE to view the map as an image file you can save!