In the "Be Prepared to Repair in the Backcountry" webinar with John Barkhausen, he reviewed his repair kit with us and had others share what they keep in their kit as well! We've got his list and the other suggestions compiled and ready for review. 

John's List:
  1. Ski Straps! Voile straps are super multifunctional and a staple for any repair kit. John recommended keeping 2-6 in your kit in various lengths. 
  2. Spare Pole Basket(s) in case a basket falls off in the deep powder!
  3. Pole Splint - John showed us how to pre-form a pole splint with a pre-cut tin can and hose clamps.
  4. Paracord - 2 to 3 pieces in various lengths. (10-ft is a good starting length)
  5. Bailing wire/metal wire for various boot/binding repairs.
  6. Spare Batteries for headlamp/beacon.
  7. Headlamp!
  8. Lighter
  9. Ratchet tool with attachment tips for hardware on bindings and gear. 
  10. Pliers/Leatherman multi-tool
  11. Bivvy Sac
  12. Hardware set/sled kit
    1. 4 bolts + 4 wingnuts and washers
    2. 8 screws
    3. Drill bit - specific sizes that fit ratchet tool
    4. Alan wrench that fits your bindings
  13. Other things you might bring:
    1. 6-8" of pipe + hose clamps
    2. Spare binding pieces
    3. T-nut for repairing boots
    4. Threaded inserts for binding holes
    5. Epoxy (remember, longer set time = less brittle, better in the cold)
    6. Steel Wool
We also got several suggestions from other participants in the webinar of things they keep in their kits!
  1. Sewing Kit
  2. Duct Tape (a few wraps of it around a pole or water bottle is never a bad idea!)
  3. Super Glue
  4. Cash
  5. Extra Skin Tip/Tail Clips
  6. Rubber Bands
  7. Cordellete
  8. Tenacious Tape
  9. Zip Ties
  10. Scraper
  11. Velcro Straps
  12. Extra Socks (for wet feet incidents)
  13. Long Pipe Clamp
  14. First Aid Kit (aspirin, alcohol for cuts, etc.)
If you want to learn more about how to use these items and doing repairs in the backcountry, check out the Be Prepared to Repair in the Backcountry Webinar video on our YouTube channel!