* WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations 6 to 12 inches for elevations above 3000 feet.

For the average person, the above weather alert is another piece of noise in the endless flow of information we are all bombarded by, and really just means it's going to be cold and rainy in town. For the dedicated skier, however, this weather alert is akin to manna from heaven. Early season snow, and lots of it, with more to come later this week. Bring it on! Here at the Mountain Shop, the weather forecast has us all checking our skis and skins, digging out the winter clothes and wondering how we've managed to misplace another pair of gloves. Many of you are ready to hit the mountain too, and some are eager to try out AT skiing or splitboarding again or for the first time. 

This is just a reminder from the rentals department that early season snow on the mountain does not always mean good (or safe) skiing. We have some guidelines before we send out our alpine touring skis to ensure our equipment won't be damaged. Always call if to check beforehand if you are planning to rent skis this time of year.

  1. 30" base at Meadows (at the base of the mountain). This is consolidated snow, not snowfall.
  2. Staff will check conditions firsthand with our "rock skis" (older skis people use for early and late season that typically sustain a lot of damage). If the conditions are still poor, even with a 30" base at Meadows, we will not be sending out skis.
  3. We send out skis based on local conditions.  If you are traveling to another location like Colorado or Rainier early in the season, we recommend renting at your destination. We will not rent out skis/splitboards if there is not enough ski on Mount Hood.

(This only applies to daily/monthly rentals, not season leases). Similarly, alpine and cross country rentals will only go out when local and cross country areas are open. 

If you have to get out in this early snow and don't have a setup yet, come in and buy your gear as soon as you can. This season will be sure to be a busy one for skiing of all kinds. Like some of you experienced at bike shops this summer, gear could soon be hard to find. 

And don't forget, if you are looking to buy alpine/AT ski boots here at the shop you need to make an appointment here. Your skis looking a little scary after they were put away in the spring? Come on in for a $59 Basic Alpine Tune during the month of November! We look forward to seeing you out there on the hill!