Asit Rathod

Suit and tie by day, big mountain skier by heart

Asit Rathod

Asit is a first generation East Indian born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Having spent years living and skiing around the worldincluding Chamonix, Las Lenas, and the Himalayahe still considers Oregon his home and loves the state with a passion. Mount Hood has a special place in his heart and he has skied from the summit well over 240 times.


In fact, he is currently working on a trio of projects celebrating the sport of backcountry riding on Mount Hood: a guidebook, a coffee table book, and a film. Together, they will chronicle the seven major routes that can be skied from the proper summit of Mount Hood, and stories from the people who ski them. Asit is working from the air and on the hill to capture the greatest images and video ever shot of skiers and boarders on Mount Hood.


“My core reason for these projects is to leave behind a footprint for the next generations to respect and love Mount Hood as much as I do,” he says. “The sport of backcountry riding is growing at an incredible rate. We need to be the stewards to not just showcase the beauty but also usher in the next level of safety and responsibility that comes with entering Portland's majestic backyard.”


When the snow melts, Asit takes his superbike out with the intention of becoming the “World’s Fastest East Indian.” He’s run his bike at the Bonneville Salt Flats and has taken it up to 187mph, but his goal is to break into the 200mph club.