Reservations (Snowshoes only) Rentals

Reservations (Snowshoes only)
To make your reservation, just click the link below. Before reserving, please read these important details. 

- We are currently only accepting reservations for snowshoes. 
- Reservations require 100% prepayment to reserve. 
- Only one person needs to create an account to reserve. To reserve multiple pairs of snowshoes, just change the quantity on the snowshoe reservation page. 
- Reservations must be made by 7:00 pm two days before picking up your rental (ex: if you are picking up Friday, reservations must be made by Tuesday at 7:00 pm)
- If you can't make a reservation on a certain day, that means there are no snowshoes available for reservation that day. 
- Reservations can made for rentals of up to two weeks. If you are looking for 30 day rentals or season long leases, those are rented on a first come, first serve basis. 
- There are no weather related refunds. 
- Rentals that are not picked up the day they are reserved will be sent out to other customers the next day, and no refunds will be issued. 


Click here for reservations

Reservations (Snowshoes only) Rental Pricing


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