Six Moon Designs Skyscrape Trekker Backpacking Tent.
Versatile, lightweight, spacious one person (and some furry friends) tent 
28 oz
Pros: Easy to set up, easy to take down, sturdy, stands up to wet weather, lightweight, packs down small, 2 doors, one for each of my dogs! 
Cons: A little hard to set up in the wind, but isn’t any tent? 


I absolutely love this tent!  Since most of my summer backpacking trips are Solo with my furry friends, I wanted something lighter weight than my old 1 person tent that weighed in around 4 pounds.  The Six Moon Designs Skyscape Trekker cuts that weight in half and packs down much smaller!  I don’t hike with hiking poles, so I purchased the optional poles that are available from SMD….This tent has been a game changer for my backpacking pursuits.  It takes very little time to set up and its shape and versatility has allowed me to stake it out in some very interesting locations!  The weight saved with this tent allows me to pack more snacks! My favorite thing about this tent, other than its light weight and small pack size is the fact it has 2 doors!  Having 2 doors is advantageous for ventilation, taking in scenic views and hiding from mosquitoes, but most of all, allows for optional entry/exit points for human and dogs!  If anyone has ever shared a tent with two large dogs (80 pounds and 55 pounds, equivalent to an entire additional human!) then you know what I mean!  That said, there is ample space in this tent for me, the two furry creatures and, if needed, my backpack to be stored inside (dog packs, food and cookware are ALWAYS stored outside!).  The 2 doors also allows me to store gear out one door and enter/exit through the other door, which makes me feel less confined/restricted in the tent. The height of the tent also makes it easy to sit all the way upright, which makes it feel even more spacious. I will use this tent until it can’t be used anymore, then I will replace it with a new SMD Skyscape Trekker!


Someone who wants a lightweight, sturdy, versatile, decently spacious, 1 person tent to use with or without furry friends.


SMD Lunar Solo.  I prefer the Skyscape Trekker to the Lunar Solo because the Lunar Solo only has 1 door, and the placement of the one pole that provides structure for the tent is in the perfect spot for my 80 pound dog to knock down when he exits the tent.  
The SMD Skyscape Scout is also similar, but again, only 1 door, and is much heavier than the Skyscape Trekker. 


SMD 45” poles, 2-pack (instead of hiking poles)
SMD ultralight stakes
SMD footprint
Seam Grip seam sealer