Quick and Dirty:

  • A responsive trail runner with enough stiffness to climb 5.9
  • $139.95
  • Weight: 280g
  • Color: Winter Moss/Blackout
  • Dynafit Alpine
  • Pros: Grippy vibram rubber, comfortable on runs over 10mi, approach shoe like performance
  • Cons: fragile knit fabric in the toe box
  • Fit: make sure to size up 1.5 sizes
  • 6 mm drop


The Dynafit Alpine trail running shoe is much more than your average “running” shoe. The first thing I noticed was the confidence-inspiring grip of the rubber. I had no hesitation leaping onto wet rocks during stream crossings. The toe box is deceptively wide for a shoe that performs well in technical terrain. I used the Alpine as I would an approach shoe on several occasions. Much to my delight, the trail runner performed admirably. While not as stiff as an approach shoe, I climbed the Blue Grouse 5.9, on top rope without issue. At no time did I feel insecure while edging. I ran 14 miles of the Timberline trail and they provided traction, cushion, and responsiveness.

Who It's For:

This shoe is for the type of person doing training runs on mud, dirt, and rock. Or someone looking for a comfy approach shoe for third and fourth class terrain. I’ve used it for running, climbing approaches, and hiking. They look cool around town too.

Similar Products:

I’ve tried the Altra Lone Peak series and they don’t have the stiffness I prefer. I need a stiffer shoe and the Dynafit Alpine fits the bill nicely.

Product to pair it with:

  • Dynafit Alpine 9 pack 
  • Altra trail running gaiters
  • NW Alpine Bagby shorts