Quick and Dirty:

  • A max cushion trail running shoe with a precise fit that excels on technical trails and is great for ultra running
  • $139.95
  • Black/Red
  • Dynafit Ultra 100
  • Pros: Max cushion, exceptional traction, responsive midsole
  • Cons: narrow fit, unusual sizing
  • Make sure to size up at least a half size - definitely a shoe you want to try on before buying


In my trail running career I’ve found myself having to choose between a high cushion shoe which is great for logging miles, like the Hoka Speedgoat, or a low cushion shoe for technical trails, like the La Sportiva Bushido. With the Dynafit Ultra 100, I have finally found a shoe that has a ton of cushion for running ultras and the precise fit and stability which allows it to excel on technical terrain. I’ve used it to run 40 and 50 mile ultra races and have racked up hundreds of miles on trails in the Columbia Gorge. With its 32 mm stack height I can log high mileage without trashing my legs. Even better, with its firm midsole, Pomoca outsole, and precise fit I can run hard over rocks and through mud - something I haven’t been able to do in high stack shoes before given my flexible ankles. Overall, this shoe has made my training in the winter and spring a blast. I won the Capitol Peak 50 mile race in April 2022 wearing these, and I consider these shoes to be a major factor in keeping me healthy and motivated while training and competing. The one major downside - this shoe runs very small. You will likely need to size up at least a whole size to get a proper, comfortable fit. 

Who it’s for:

  • Ultra runners gravitating towards technical terrain
  • Extreme dog walkers
  • High mileage trail runners
  • Off trail hikers/backpackers

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The Dynafit Ultra 100 is a great blend of the shoes below - combining cushion and technical ability. 

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