Hiking in the fall in the Pacific Northwest can feature sunny and 65 degrees, a drizzly downpour and 34 degrees, or sideways snow and 17 degrees. And sometimes all in the same hike! That’s why it’s best to be prepared with the 10 essentials as your venture onto the trails this fall. Here’s a start at what we recommend carrying with you. 

  1. Navigation: map, altimeter, and compass, [optional add on: GPS device, PLB, satellite communicator, or satellite phone, extra batteries or battery pack]
  2. Headlamp: plus extra batteries!
  3. Sun protection: sunglasses, sun-protective clothes, and sunscreen.
  4. First aid: including foot and blister care.
  5. Knife: plus repair kit - maybe a Voile “ski” strap or two!
  6. Fire: matches, lighter and tinder, or stove as appropriate.
  7. Shelter: can be a lightweight emergency bivvy or an emergency reflective blanket depending on activity.
  8. Extra food: beyond minimum expectation - don’t be shy with the snacks!
  9. Extra water: beyond minimum expectation, plus a water filter.
  10. Extra clothes: sufficient to survive an emergency overnight including rain gear and insulation layers!