Here are 10 uses for a Voile Strap and why you should add one to your shopping list, even if you aren’t a skier! 

1. Extreme durability: These Voile straps can be used like a ratchet strap to secure pretty much anything to your car, backpack, bike, friends, etc. They stretch like a bungee cord, but are durable like duct tape. Bonus: these straps work better than duct tape in cold and wet conditions! And they don’t leave a sticky residue. 

2. Dog collar: You’re at the dog park and that rascal other dog tears through your dog’s collar. Grab a Voile strap and thread it around your dog’s neck for an improvised collar! Multiple can be strung together to build a leash too!

3. Safety Third: Things don’t always go as planned. You’re skiing a sweet line and your ski goes one way while you head a different direction and your ACL takes the blow. Voile straps have been used to secure a splint around an injured knee to keep it stable for medical evacuation. Definitely not our favorite use of a Voile strap but very useful in worst-case scenarios. 

4. Broken Equipment: Voile straps can be used as a field repair kit - a great reason to have 2 or 3 in your backcountry kit. Broken ski boot buckle? Strap a Voile strap around your boot to keep it secured! Ski bindings broken? Voile strap can help with that! Forgot your ski skins at home and don’t realize it until you’re at the mountain? Use some Voile straps to secure some pine tree branches to your skis and you're ready to head uphill! 

5. Rattle-proof your ride to work: Love to throw your coffee thermos in your bike’s water bottle cage but hate how the metal on metal rattles together? Throw a Voile strap around the thermos and bike frame to remove the rattling!

6. 4-Pack Can Sleeve: Save the turtles and slip a Voile strap around those cans instead of the plastic rings.

7. Cool jewelry: Use various lengths of Voile straps to adorn yourself with a sweet blue necklace or bright orange bracelet. 

8. Droopy Plant Saver: Big heavy plants falling down in your garden? Hold them up with a Voile strap! 

9. Make a phone mount out of anything: Use the Voile strap to secure your phone to a tree, post, rock, anything and get the perfect timer photo! Can also be used to make a DIY GoPro mount on your forehead.

10. And last but not least, the obvious: to hold your skis together! Voile straps were designed to secure skis together base-to-base for ease of securing and carrying a set of skis. So whether you’re carrying your skis from the car to the resort or strapping them together in an A-Frame on your pack in the backcountry, a Voile strap is an obvious choice.