Recipe for Successful Ski Season Savings

22-31.5 Mondo of Boot Fitting Expertise
148 - 192 cm of Ski Demo Knowledge
6-14 DIN of Binding Basics

Here at Mountain Shop we have years, even decades, of knowledge about skis, boots and bindings. We mixed together the perfect recipe to cook up some savings by shopping local instead of online!

1.  Start with Boot Fitting Expertise:
Several of our boot fitters can look at a foot and after a couple questions, identify an almost perfect fit. Add a couple measurements and we’re serving you the boot that will fit your foot like a snug handshake - as it should! This can save you hundreds right off the bat. Buying a boot that isn’t right for your foot can cost you time, money and headache with online purchase returns! 

2.  Next throw in some first-hand ski experience:
See all those skis we’ve got lined up? Part of our job is getting paid to demo skis. Yup, you read that right! We dedicate resources and money to send some employees to demo the new skis and determine which skis charger hard, predict your turns, carve perfectly, float best in powder, etc. so that when you come in looking for a playful ski to spice up your quiver, we can identify which ski will best serve you. 

3.  Bind the deal with the right binding:
Bindings can be more complicated than they appear! Alpine, Tele, AT, MNC, ID, NNN, and NNN BC cover just a few of the binding types and descriptive acronyms. Overwhelmed? Let us help! Whether you’re looking for a resort style binding that you use for some alpine touring or a nordic binding that will fit skis to ski in the tracks at Teacup but also glide around in some fresh snow at Trillium Lake, we’ll identify the perfect binding for your needs!

4.  Mounting Savings:
A $50 savings for you when you purchase at least two of the three pieces of a ski kit from Mountain Shop! Skis + Boots OR Skis + Bindings OR Boots + Bindings OR Skis + Boots + Bindings = Free Mount!

5.  “But you don’t have the skis or bindings I want!”
If we don’t have the skis you’re dreaming of or the boots for your feet or bindings you think will be best for you, purchasing one of the three pieces of your ski set-up from us will get you 50% off your mounting fee, that’s $25 in savings.  Skis OR Boots OR Bindings from Mountain Shop = ½ Price Mount!

Bonus Value: The value of expertise from our boot fitting experts who will get you in the right boot the first time? That’s priceless! If you need a little extra work on your boots purchased from us for bunions, bone spurs, ankle bones, or anywhere else that needs a little more room, we charge $15 per shell punch or adjustment compared to $30 per shell punch on boots you bought elsewhere.

Shopping local not only helps to keep our brick and mortar store doors open and our employees employed, but it serves you best. Shop local to keep the opportunity open to try-on boots in person, talk to an expert, or get hands on a ski and feel its flex or weight. Help us help you!