Black Lives Matter.

We, as Mountain Shop, a strong, community-based business, have power to affect change. As climbers, skiers, mountaineers, trail runners, and active members of the PNW outdoor community, we recognize that as an outdoor retailer, we are surrounded by a white dominated industry, and we claim to be nothing but students ready to learn about what we can do as a company, store, and brand to support people of color.

Racism has no business in our community, our city, our mountains, or our country. We stand with those fighting for racial justice and equality. We stand with those mourning for George Floyd and other victims of police violence. We lend our voice in support of those demanding justice and accountability in Portland and across the nation.

Mountain Shop supports Climbers of Color and Soul River, a non-profit which uplifts and strengthens communities by bringing together at-risk inner city youth and Veterans as mentors, to teach outdoor leadership and conservation.

However, we want and need to do more. We will continue to educate ourselves on what we can do as a business to help lift the voices of the oppressed and create opportunity, connection and access for those who feel that the outdoors is not a safe or accessible space. If you have suggestions on things we can do to support this mission, please email us directly at