Theresa Silveyra

A music teacher and outdoor enthusiast currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Theresa Silveyra
My primary passions are mountaineering and trail running. Any adventures that combine the two tend to be my favorite. Although I grew up primarily in Southwest Washington, outdoor recreation wasn't a priority in my family, so I came to love, appreciate, and learn about it on my own as an adult. I didn't even start hiking regularly until I finished graduate school in 2014! Backpacking, trail running, rock climbing, and mountaineering gradually became a part of my life over the past few years following those first hiking forays.

Outside of personal outdoor adventures, I enjoy being an ambassador for the PNW Outdoor Women group and organizing and providing opportunities for women to connect and adventure outdoors together. As a Filipina-Mexican woman navigating spaces predominantly occupied by white men, I'm especially passionate about getting more women of color climbing mountains and using whatever privileges I have to increase opportunities and gradually chip away at the barriers in place for many.

Goals for 2021: Continue to develop the necessary skills to assist or co-instruct on mountaineering courses offered through Climbers of Color; launch another gear scholarship for women of color and be able to equip more recipients this time; learn to climb ice

Favorite adventure to date: In 2019, my partner and I completed a single day summit and circumnavigation of Wy'east! It was such a fun and empowering experience, and a fantastic way to combine my two favorite activities on my favorite mountain with my favorite person. I hope to complete it again as a self-supported solo endeavor in the near future!

Fun fact: I have one sister. We have oftentimes been confused for twins because we have the same birthday, but we are actually two years apart!