Syd Long

Syd Long

Syd Long- Trail runner, skier, adventure-seeker


Background: I started backpacking young with my dad and grandfather in the Grand Canyon. Looking back on my years, the outdoor epics I've had are consistently the source of the most personal growth and also the most fun.  My focus has shifted some from ultra distance trail running to ski mountaineering, scrambling, and mountain climbing adventures that often include Axel, my son.


Athlete I admire: Arlene Blum. Stop everything and read her book 'Breaking Trail' right now!


Fun fact: I listened to the entire 2018 Guinness Book of World Records being read out loud on a road trip.


2018 goals:  Getting out! As Axel's skill and ability evolves, the payoff of seeing him feeling accomplished after putting in hard work is incredible. Instilling both respect and stoke for the mountains feels palpably urgent in today's climate and I'd like to do what I can to extend that empowerment to other kids and parents.   

As far as personal goals,  I'd love to return to last summer's unfinished goal of completing the Tatoosh Range Traverse in a day. Generally though, I plan to challenge the temptation of returning to familiar routes in order to explore fresh angles of the PNW and it's magic.  Skiing and mountaineering are relatively new to me, so every outing is about pushing limits, learning, and transforming.