Jocelyn Gary

Tenacious and avid outdoor enthusiast, aka B.A.B (Bad Arse Babe)

Jocelyn Gary

I’m Jocelyn Gary, a tenacious and avid outdoor enthusiast, aka B.A.B (Bad Arse Babe). Being a native Portlander, the access to varied terrain outdoors quickly became my Church and happy place. I love and crave it in any form, from the mountains to the ocean.  


Growing up, all of our family vacations were spent playing in the great outdoors. My dad instilled in us a passion for the environment and exploring new places. We quickly learned the value of leaving natural places in better condition than we arrived.


In college, I got serious about mountaineering and started peak bagging. I fell in love with watching sunrises from the top of the world. That was the point my life changed and was put it into perspective. There’s nothing more humbling than watching the world’s colors come to life from above the clouds. It showed me how much of the world that I had not seen. The Creator and Mother Nature blessed us with a world’s worth of things to see and play upon so why not take advantage of it on a daily basis?


I’ve always been inspired by my all time man crush, Jeremy Jones. It’s not only difficult to be the best big mountain backcountry snowboarder in the world, but to then become one of the world’s biggest proponents for saving the snowpack, ensuring access to backcountry mountain terrain, making world class movies, and has instilled passion in youth for the great outdoors as well; is a pretty incredible accomplishment! What isn’t to love, right?


I hope 2018 brings about many new adventures and takes me places I’ve always dreamed of exploring. My main focus right now would include learning how to ride a mountain bike successfully (without wrecking myself), and riding big steep deep powder lines after scaling mountains. Long term, I’m excited about continuing my efforts inspiring and engaging all ages to respect the environment and enjoy playing in the great outdoors as much as I do. I look forward to more opportunities to clean upstream through Surfrider Foundation/Snowrider Project, SheJumps, and the Mountain Shop.